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5 Signs You Need Queens Sidewalk Repairs

Being a proud resident of NY, it is your responsibility to play a constructive role in making the city pedestrian-friendly. One of the easiest and simplest things one can do is to keep sidewalks in good condition for easy mobility and safety. Life is hectic and there are several other things to do, but ignoring the deteriorating sidewalk is not an option as it is a safety hazard. Under state law the upkeep and repair of sidewalk in Queens and Brooklyn is your responsibility, failing to do so could attract a hefty fine. So, if you are noticing any sign of deterioration of the sidewalk, you should call licensed sidewalk repair in Brooklyn to repair it as per the prescribed guideline.  

If you are not aware of the Department of Transport (DoT) sidewalk rules, then it is better to be vigilant and get your sidewalk repaired by a professional sidewalk repair contractor in queens. To make it easy for you, here are some signs you should look for to keep sidewalks safe for pedestrian:   

Signs of Sidewalk Repair 

Ignoring even minor damages of sidewalks could be dangerous, especially for kids, elderly, and physically impaired people. So, why wait if you could detect damage easily and get it repaired by a sidewalk repair contractor in Brooklyn. Before you call a sidewalk curb repair contractor in Queens, you should find the cause of damage to get it fixed in time.  

Cracking Surface

It pretty natural of sidewalks to deteriorate with time as it endures the vagaries changing weather and footfall. Even the best-built sidewalk will develop a few cracks here and there. Minor cracks might not be a big challenge, but if it cracks are wide, it will deteriorate faster than expected. The moment you notice cracks on the surface, you should call a professional sidewalk repair contractor in Brooklyn to get it repaired and avoid impending danger.

Broken Edges

Compared to the surface and middle, the edges of the sidewalk crumble faster due to excess pressure and load. If it is not designed well, it could be dangerous for pedestrians. Besides trip hazards, broken edges could block drainage, resulting in further damage. Your sidewalk curb repair contractor in Queens will remove concrete or asphalt and replace it with new edges.

Sinking or Raised Surface

If you notice an uneven surface, it means the soil underneath the surface is either sinking or swelling. You should get in touch with Queens Sidewalk repair professionals to fix the issue and replace tiles in the affected area. Experienced sidewalk contractors will try to remove all possible reasons to make your sidewalk pedestrian-friendly and safe.

Fading Colors

Exposure to sunlight and rain will turn the color of your asphalt made sidewalk from dark black to gray and light gray over time. Though not a trip hazard, it is a sign of weakening. So, you should call your sidewalk repair contractor to put a fresh layer of coat and avoid future cracks.

Moisture If you are noticing water around the edges of the sidewalk or wet surface, it means moisture is accumulating beneath the surface. Freeze-thaw of accumulated water could weaken the structure, resulting in cracks and uneven surfaces. It might not be an immediate danger for pedestrians, but you should get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid future damages.  

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