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All You Need to Know About Concrete Foundation Repairing in NYC

Your house might be your most expensive investment, and it is very natural to be very careful about the protection and maintenance of beautiful abodes. If you are noticing any sign of distress in the concrete foundation of your building, it is time to be alert as any problem in the foundation could lead to serious structural damages. Whether you are a house owner or planning to buy a property, the foundation should be your top priority. If you notice these signs in your property, then you should contact trusted insured concrete foundation repair in NY to investigate and repair the foundation. 

 Signs of Concrete Foundation Problems 

The cause of concrete foundation damage varies geographically. It could be soil, climate, plumbing leaks, or foundation drainage. Before you call a concrete foundation repair service in Queens, you should first inspect your property and plan foundation repairing accordingly.

  • Cracks in foundation, walls, and floor are the first sign of weakening foundation
  • Foundation settle or sink with time, but if it is sudden then you should call an expert immediately
  • Soil expansion and contraction could cause foundation upheaval
  • Wall rotation
  • Distress in the foundation could alter doors fitting
  • Gaps could develop around frames of windows and exterior doors
  • Floors could sag or look uneven
  • In pier and beam structure damp could crawl in space

Thankfully, there are insured concrete foundation contractors in NY with the expertise to repair all types of foundation damages without damaging your property. Find the best concrete foundation repair contractor near me to know about the damage and possible cost of repairing a concrete foundation in NY.   

 Concrete Foundation Repair Methods

An expert from the concrete repair company in NY will survey your property to find the reason and intensity of the damage. Based on the investigation, the expert will suggest possible concrete foundation repair methods and the possible cost. Some modern concrete foundation repair methods are:

  • Sealants and Masonry Patches

It is a precautionary solution to avoid any serious damage to the foundation. The expert will find cracks in the foundation and repair it by patching and covering them with suitable waterproof masonry sealer. The core idea is to avoid further damage caused by water infiltration.

  • Slab Jacking

Differential movement of soil due to changing temperature and water level causes structural and non-structural cracks in the property. Your concrete foundation contractor in Queens might use the slab jacking method to lift uneven or sinking concrete. The method is also known as slab leveling, concrete lifting, or mud-jacking. If your foundation damage is restricted to porches, steps, decks, walkways, and driveways then slab jacking is the ideal foundation repair method.

  • Piling

It is one of the most widely used methods globally to ensure long-term foundation repairing solution. Depending on your building type, soil texture, water level, and of course the level of damage, the insured concrete foundation repair in NYC will use either pressed concrete piling, poured concrete piers, steel piers, or belled concrete piers methods. Once the repair work is over, your home will return to the original level.   

Ignoring early signs foundation distress is an open invitation to larger and more complex damages. It is always better to notice signs early and call an insured concrete contractor in NY to repair foundation damages. Delays will increase the cost of concrete foundation repair in Queens, and the value of your property will go down drastically. Choose your foundation contractor and method smartly to keep costs low.   

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