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Concrete Repair in NYC – It is Within Your Grasp

Concrete is one of the most versatile building materials used for erecting a building in the modern era. However, just like any other building materials, concrete is also prone to vagaries of nature and wear and tear with time. It is one of the most durable materials, but the durability depends on maintenance and timely repair. Before planning concrete crack repair in NY, you have to examine the factors causing cracks and accordingly call the best concrete crack or sidewalk contractors in Brooklyn.

What Cause Damage to Concrete? 

You can easily notice cracks developing in your concrete structure. However, finding the cause could be a little difficult, as this could be due to various factors working together. The basic characteristic of concrete is –strong in compression and weak in tension. So, any crack is a sign of unwanted tension in the perpendicular direction of the crack. Finding the direction on tension plays important role in planning repair. You should better hire a licensed concrete or sidewalk repair contractor in Brooklyn to make your property enduring and long-lasting. The cause of tension and resulting cracks could be due to:

  • Rusting of reinforcing steel due to one factor or the other causes expansion, thus creating tension and resulting cracks and pops offs.
  • Concrete is porous by nature and susceptible to the temperature variance caused by the daily and seasonal freeze-thaw cycle. The presence of water and salts could make it even worse as scaling could begin in early wither itself.
  • Another hidden factor could be the alkali-aggregate reaction (AAR), which forms a gel around aggregate particles. If the gel comes in contact with water, it expands and makes the concrete weaker. You can ask Brooklyn, NYC concrete crack repair contractor to suggest lithium products to mitigate the AAR.  
  • On the structural side, one of the factors could be the drying shrinkage, caused mainly due to high moisture and restrained natural shrinkage. Joints could be of great help in controlling drying shrinkage cracks.
  • If the concrete surface is allowed to dry out before concrete gains strength, a pattern of cracks could form on the surface. These cracks, although sallow and narrow, could be a problem in the long run.
  • If concrete surface finishing and sealing in done prematurely, this could cause blisters. In the long run, these could develop in cracks.
  • Another important but ignored aspect is the structural load factor which is mainly caused by due to inadequacy, lack, or overload of steel reinforcement.

Suitable Methods of Concrete Crack Repairs in NY

Once you are aware of the factors causing cracks in the concrete structure, you should discuss the suitability of concrete repair methods. All structures need unique treatment both in terms of design and composition, so you should discuss every possible aspect before signing a concrete repair contract.

  • Strengthening of Structures

The damaged concrete structure can be strengthened externally by bonding steel plates or carbon fiber sheets with chemicals. To repair concrete, your concrete crack repair contractor could recommend injecting epoxy compound, grouting polymer modifies cement milk or grouting epoxy polyurethane combination.

  • Concrete Repairs by Epoxy

Besides epoxy injection, a concrete crack repair contractor in NY my suggest epoxy mortar treatment for patch repairs and strengthening against spalling or corrosion. The mortar formation should be in the right proportion to have a durable outcome.

  • Hairline Crack Repair by Grouting

To repair hairline cracks in the roof, an experienced concrete crack repair contractor will cut a V-groove shape of suitable width and then fill it with epoxy putty using a pneumatic gun. Once grouting work is done, concrete crack and sidewalk repair contractor of Brooklyn will seal holes   with epoxy putty.

  • Epoxy Concrete

The epoxy compound is highly effective in improving the quality of concrete by increasing the tensile strength of the floor, roof, columns, etc. Epoxy concrete is prepared using resin and hardener in the right proportion to improve bonding between the new and old surface.

If you are looking for a concrete crack repair contractor in NY, then you should first check the credibility. A licensed contractor will share all possible detail transparently to repair concrete floors, roofs, corroded slabs, and columns. Quality is the key, so don’t opt for the cheapest option near you in Brooklyn.

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