NY Sidewalk Violation Remove

Easy Steps to Remove DOT Sidewalk Violations in NYC

If you are residing in New York, your life is already hectic enough. You don’t have the time to deal with a DOT (department of transportation) notice stating sidewalk violation Queens. But, there is a high possibility that ends up with one at some point. Therefore, it is important to have prior knowledge of the course of action, in case that happens. 

New Yorkers are required to install, construct, reconstruct, repave and repair the sidewalk adjacent to their property at their own expense. The DOT issues the sidewalk violation notice to clear the snow or repair the sidewalks. In case of any incident of accident or injury, the DOT inspectors inspect the whole area for any sidewalk defects. Some of the reasons for the violation may include-

Sidewalk defects
Various sidewalk defects may include collapsed sidewalk, improper slope,( which means a flag that does not drain toward the curb and retains water), and patchwork.

Tip hazard
Where the vertical grade differential between adjacent sidewalk flags is greater than or equal to one-half inch or where a sidewalk flag contains one or more surface defects of one inch or greater in all horizontal directions and is a one-half inch or more in-depth.

How to remove DOT sidewalk violations in NYC?

So, here we have made a comprehensive list explaining the whole procedure to Bronx sidewalk violation remove . This will help to get the job done with minimum inconvenience.

Hire a contractor

It is important to hire a NYC sidewalk contractor who has a comprehensive knowledge of DOT specifications. Go through various profiles, conduct interviews to hire a skilled contractor. Make sure your contractor has a license (issued by the department of consumer affair) and experience to deal with various sidewalk violations. Contractors will evaluate the damage and provide you the most economical resolution.

 If tree roots are problem

If tree roots are the cause of damage to your sidewalk, you need to be careful with the action you take. It is strictly prohibited to cut down the tree. You could end up in costlier violation notice. Let your sidewalk contractor Bronx meticulously examine the situation, because in some cases you are eligible to repair by Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR). You will not be required to the borne expense of such cases.

Secure the required permits

Don’t indulge in any construction unless you have all the required permission. This can be a somewhat laborious task as you are required to have multiple permits sometimes. If you are someone who is facing this procedure for the first time, an experienced sidewalk repair contractors in Brooklyn can help you get through it. You are required to call 311 to acquire all the necessary permits needed to start the construction work.

Dismissal inspection

Once all the construction work is completed and your sidewalk is reconstruction according to the DOT specifications, you are required to file the documents asking for a dismissal inspection from DOT. Make sure to fill all the documents correctly and take the help of your contractor if you are having any qualm regarding the accuracy of your form.

A re-inspection of your property will be done by the DOT inspector after you submit the documents to the DOT. After this final inspection, violations will be removed by the DOT.

If you do not carry out the construction yourself, DOT will correct the defects in your sidewalk and you will be required to pay the bills. You are given a 90 days period to do so. A better option will be to hire a concrete sidewalk contractor Brooklyn NY and get it done!

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