Sidewalk Violation Queens

Essential Facts About Sidewalk Violation Removal Queens

Property owners sometimes may receive sidewalk violations in New York for a few conditions. A few common flaws that can result in sidewalk violations are collapsed sidewalks, surface trip hazards, inappropriate slopes, tree roots, patchworks, hardware trips hazards etc. When you receive a such violation from Dot, you need to perform such necessary repairs that too within 75 days.

This job of sidewalk violation removal queens needs to be performed as per the industry standards by hiring a Sidewalk Contractor Company. An experienced company can perform this sidewalk violation removal task efficiently as per the norms of DOT and within a genuine period.

Obligation To Complete Sidewalk Violation On Time

When you are unable to finish the task of sidewalk violation yourself, the department will proceed to finish the task from a contractor and will perform accelerated sidewalk repair. After the accomplishment of the work, the Department of Finance will send you an expense bill generated out of the sidewalk repairs task performed from their side. Thus, it is best to complete the Sidewalk Violation task by yourself to avoid any further inconvenience.

What is the Eligibility for Sidewalk Repairs?

Few property owners think that DOT can perform this task well on their own and ignore these violations. However, it is not recommended always to leave this task for DOT. You may not be always eligible for advanced sidewalk repairs done from the side of DOT. This department only handles sidewalk repairs for the concrete material. In case, your sidewalk is made from other types of materials such as brick, granite, slate, pavers etc and you are willing to use the same materials during its repair, it is unlikely that DOT may help you. Thus, it is better to get your sidewalk repair work done by yourself using any material of your choice and hire a suitable sidewalk contractor.

Finding a Licensed Sidewalk Replacement Contractor

You should hire only an authorized and licensed sidewalk repairs contractor to handle your dot violation removal queens. Few licensed, bonded and insured companies handle sidewalk repair or violation removal projects as per the DOT requirements and standards.

They must have enough experience in repairing and replacing sidewalks with the needed expertise. They should possess detailed knowledge of sidewalk regulations in NYC and should be able to perform the task accurately. Once the sidewalk contractor has completed his job, you should notify DOT to perform a dismissal inspection. DOT may certify you for sidewalk violation dismissals after being satisfied with the sidewalk replacement process during the inspection.

Final Words

After receiving a violation notification for your sidewalks from DOT, you should confirm that it has been aptly done by using long-lasting solutions. When finding a professional sidewalk contractor in Queens, you should only look for a skilled sidewalk contractor who can precisely perform his job as per DOT norms. Getting a skilled professional sidewalk contractor team is the half work done. They make your task sidewalk violation removal and repair easier with their expertise.

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