How to Get Your Sidewalks Repaired by a Licensed Sidewalk Contractor

New York City has more than 12,750 miles of sidewalks. They are aimed for the safety of the pedestrians and allow smooth flow of the traffic. The sidewalks are the lifeline of the city as they allow the foot traffic to reach their destinations, without being worried about getting hit by cars or buses.

Hence, the oldest mode of transportation, i.e. walking, gets a safe environment to encourage more pedestrians walking down the sidewalks. This even boosts the fitness of an individual. Thus, healthy citizens comprise a healthy nation. This requires proper maintenance and repair of the sidewalks by licensed sidewalk contractors in Queens.  

Sidewalk Maintenance and Repair Queens NY

Department of Transportation (DOT), under the NYC government, aims at maintaining the safety regulations of the country’s sidewalks. It makes sure that every property is responsible for the maintenance of the adjoining sidewalk. The property owners must ensure the sidewalk adjacent to their property must be kept in a good and functional condition.

In accordance with the DOT regulations, any property failing to maintain and repair the sidewalk is liable to receive a violation notice. A violation will restrict the selling and refinancing of the property.

Maintenance is even necessary to avoid hazards to the common public. Broken, chipped, cracked, unlevelled, and uneven sidewalks invite accidents. The accidents can be minor to severely hazardous. Queens sidewalks construction management can fix the damaged sidewalks and even provide proper maintenance guidelines.

DOT Sidewalk Inspection and Repair NYC

Section 19-152 of New York’s Administrative Code quotes that every property owner is responsible for the installation, repair, and maintenance of the sidewalk adjacent to their property. Staffs from DOT inspect the sidewalks and report the property owner about any damage and repair work needed.

However, if repair work is not done on time, DOT hires a private contractor and gets the work done. The bill is handed over to the property owner for its payment.

Sidewalk Contractors in Queens NY

Thus, before the government takes action, it is a wise idea for you to hire a good sidewalk contractor. An expert sidewalk repair company in Queens NY will ensure the most appropriate fix to the damage. They are the professionals who possess adequate skills and experiences about sidewalk repair in Queens.

It is, however, a bit tricky to hire the best contractor. All you need to do is acquire maximum information and undergo reviews before contacting. The proper and adequate analysis will lead you to the right expert.

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