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Top Tips for DOT Sidewalk Violation Removal in NYC During COVID-19

Sidewalk adds value to the aesthetic brilliance of your property. As a responsible New Yorker, it is your duty to keep sidewalks in good condition for safe commuting, especially for kids and the elderly during COVID. The Department of Transport (DOT) is responsible for keeping over 12,750 miles of sidewalks safe for pedestrians. Despite the best of construction materials and workmanship, sidewalks are bound to develop cracks and deteriorate with time.

Any ignorance of sidewalk defects like collapsed sidewalks, trip hazards, tree roots, improper slope, or patchwork could be fatal for pedestrians. If DOT finds you responsible for sidewalks defects, they could issue a violation notice under Section 19-152 of the New York Administrative Code. If you notice the development of sidewalk defects, then it is better to call a licensed Brooklyn sidewalk violation removal contractor and get the DOT sidewalk violation in NY removed. 

In the challenging COVID times when health and safety are the topmost priority, it is natural for anyone to miss minor defects in sidewalks. If you fail to remove the DOT sidewalk violation despite the violation warning, then the city may hire a private sidewalk concrete repair contractor to make the repairs. After the repair, the City bills you for the cost of the repairs, which could be very exorbitantly high. If you fail to pay the bill, then they charge interest on the bill amount along with the legal claim on your property. If you want to avoid the unnecessary hassle of dealing with the City administration and save money then it is better to remain alert and repair the sidewalk to remove the DOT sidewalk violation in NY.   

What to DO When Received DOT Sidewalk Violation in NY 

First of all, don’t panic and be calm. It is just a minor issue that could be resolved in just one day. All you need is a reliable Brooklyn sidewalk violation removal contractor to get the issue resolved in time. Here are easy steps to follow when you receive a DOT sidewalk violation in NY.

Check Sidewalk Defects 

You have to examine your sidewalks around your property first and find defects as per DOT guidelines. The type of repair depends on defects, and you have to call a suitable sidewalk concrete contractor accordingly to remove the DOT sidewalk violation in NY. Knowing defects you negotiate sidewalk repair cost, so spend some time examining the defects to get violations removed at less cost. First, you have to see that what has been defective and which type repairing it needed.

Find Suitable Sidewalk Repair Contractor

Once you are aware of defects, you can hire a professional Brooklyn DOT sidewalk violation removal contractor for repairs. You should look for an experienced licensed sidewalk repair contractor who is aware of city sidewalk violation rules and trustworthy to offer quality repair work. Don’t forget to check the insurance of the sidewalk concrete repair contractor.

Get Affordable Sidewalk Repairing Cost 

Hiring a licensed sidewalk repair contractor in NY is challenging. The best possible way to get the best cost estimate is to check how much DOT charges per square foot. Normally, private sidewalk repair contractors will charge less than DOT repairing costs.

Check License & Permit 

Since it is all about removing DOT sidewalk violations, your sidewalk repair contractor should have a permit to execute sidewalk repair work in NY. An experienced sidewalk repair contract will help you get all possible permissions to execute the repair job in time. Once the job is done, you have to notify concerning city administration about the completion of the repair work.

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