Sidewalk violations in Queens

What Are the Common Reasons of Sidewalk Violation in Queens?

Let’s understand first what is sidewalk violation

Sidewalk violations in Queens is an official notification given by DOT expressing that sidewalk is imperfect. However, there is no fine connected to this infringement, a duplicate copy of the official notice is filed with the country clerk, and it remains on file until getting back the official notice from the city that required fixes have been made. An infringement can make it difficult for the selling and refinancing your property.

Sidewalk violations are made just to make the property owners understand to repair the sidewalks in order to maintain public security. When you are not able to begin the repairing process within 75 days, DOT starts the repairing work or hires a contractor to complete this work and the department plays as the property owner.

Now we proceed further and know what the reasons for sidewalk violations in Queens are.

Tree roots

When sidewalks issues take place because of the tree roots, and the property turns important for the repairing by the department of Parks and Recreation according to the tree and sidewalks program.

Alongside this, DPR also helps the property owners by offering a free consultation to complete the work around the tree roots. However, keep in mind, cutting or shaving the roots is strictly restricted. Along these lines, DOT doesn’t charge any sum for the repairing of a tree-damaged section of a sidewalk.

Missing or defective curbs

Property owners are urged to fix or replace the missing or faulty checks. DOT can help you in sidewalk repair in Queens and fixing the broken or defective section at no cost.

Violation caused by others

When your sidewalk is damaged by any utility company or a contractor, and you can file the damage complaint to fix the damage done by the company. In case you don’t know who did the fault, you can look for the permits DOT issued in your region. You can file the claims against the utility companies and you need to file the complaint in their respective claim department.

Wrong owner

Sometimes a reason could be a wrong owner that means violations notice might be issued to an incorrect property. SO it is required to check the primary inspection report with the property. Also, it is required to check the width and some other dimensions of a property. Alongside this, you can check trees, signs, utility caps, cellar doors, or some other points. In case, you still find the same issue that it is not your property then you can visit 311 online, and here you can make a request for a sidewalk violation search.

Urge for a re-inspection

In case you don’t find any defect in the sidewalk of your property, then you can request for the re-inspection within 45 days after the receiving of the violation notice. A re-inspection is done a second time with a different examiner and this officer doesn’t have any connection with the report made by the first officer. You get the re-inspection report over your email.

To sum it up, these are some reasons for sidewalk violations and if required you can take help from the Brooklyn sidewalk violation removal contractor. A contractor will offer you complete guidance about DOT guidelines.

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